This is the library of PROJECT TWELVE - We created this place so that you can share the stories of our friends in prison. You can find all of our material here - ready for download. What are you waiting for? Let's spread the word!
These letters are contemporary witnesses of Europe's last dictatorship.
The number of political prisoners in Belarus grows rapidly by the day - along with the number of close friends, family members and colleagues who are losing a beloved person for YEARS to prison.

For them, corresponding over letters is the only option to communicate with one another. Prisoners are rarely allowed to see their relatives and not all letters from outside reach them, some are held back by prison authorities.

Information is the gold of the 21st century - That's why we want to make the processes and ongoing events in Belarus visible, documenting them for us and the outside world.

You can find pictures from the original letters as JPEGs here.

And one day - we will hug each other again.

We are not powerless.

We can help:

Donate to our friends
You can make a donation via patreon or web and write letters to support our twelve convicted friends in prison!
Spread the word
Print out Yanas Zine and gift it to your friends! Download in English, Russian, German, Polish + folding instructions.
Support us
So that we can make our bold dreams come true to promote and develop media for young people in Belarus!
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Во-вторых, будет здорово, если подпишетесь на нас в Telegram, а также на нашу рассылку. С нами интересно и клево!
Будет здорово, если подпишетесь на нас в Telegram, а также на нашу рассылку. С нами интересно и клево!

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